T Jackett in Japanese Dungaree

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The T Jacket is a work jacket with a “kimono” style sleeve. There is no armhole. Rather the front and sleeve are the same piece of fabric, with the back matching allowing there to be only a top and bottom felled seam. Very minimal design inspired by vintage work smocks. The cuffs are hemmed with an added button with 2 buttonholes to create a self folding cuff closure. 

The fabric is 100% cotton. Dyed with natural indigo and persimmon. Created by Bansyo Textiles in Japan. Woven on antique looms from traditional techniques. The fabric is the same style as a vintage dungaree with a “shimo-furi” yarn marbling in color. 

The buttons are made from recycled mussel shells. 

The fit is very roomy and intended to be oversized. The garment will age and wear over the years to come creating a storied wardrobe favorite. 

The Indigo will run a bit at first, so wear and wash with like colors. Washing should be done cold with hang drying. Washing solo, or hand washing at first is recommended.