Dinosaur Hampton was created by Benjamin Kelly, it is here to make awesome clothes for awesome people. And other things too. Thanks


I started creating in high school when I started playing electric bass in my older brother’s metal band. Through music and a career performing, it was the world of theater and storytelling that changed me. And helped me follow my goal. 

Benjamin’s Goal: To have a laboratory where I get to make whatever I want all day with cool people, and eat delicious food, and dance a lot, and watch cool movies. 

Upon a trip to Los Angeles California, I saw clothes and met makers that changed me. A lifetime of dressing will now become the crucible through which I imagine a new world. So in 2016 I became a clothing designer. Shortly after that I bought a sewing machine and actually started sewing. Back to school, apprentice with a suit maker, and now a full blown fever dream of fabric and fits. Welcome to the world of Dinosaur Hampton, I’m very excited you are here. 

All the ideas and designs are created at our studio and showroom in Minneapolis Minnesota. 2114 Washington St NE. Drop us an email if you want to stop by.